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Dynamic International
No.398C, Gunasekara Mawatha
Sri Lanka.
Main office : 0094-11-2401495
Mobile : 0094-71-8562802
E mail : dynamic_intnal@sltnet.lk
Dynamic International came in to life in year 2009 as a result to expand the business which has been success in manufacturing and trading, mainly coir affiliated products. Dynamic International explore the overseas market with a wider range in other products like, handy craft, Wooden Bowls , Core twine, Coco Pea, Bristle Fibre, Tawashi Brushes and Coconut Spoons etc.

Company’s main objective is to promote the local cottage industry with quality products and enter into export arena in a most successful way, by satisfying all concerns.

We are a committed company in the business. Our co-operation and co-ordination was always our plus point and with our transparency, integrity, and discipline we hope to conquer the export market in the near future.
Coir twine | Ekel | Bristle Fibre | Tawashi Brushes | Coconut Spoons | Chop Wooden Food Bowls | Wooden fish | Wire door matts | Fresh coconut
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